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Vygon helps you get right to the point 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 15-April-2014 
Vygon helps you get right to the point

A new range of needles to help pinpoint peripheral nerve sheaths has just been launched by Vygon (UK) Ltd – one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality medical supplies. The Echoplex+ needle has been specifically developed for clinicians who use ultrasound and stimulation techniques in peripheral regional anaesthesia.

A new insulating coating developed and patented by Vygon means the needle is now fully echogenic. The needle itself is fine and the outer surface smooth with the echogenic coating going right to the tip – helping improve visibility.

Colin Crighton, the Business Development Manager launching the range, said: “The new patented coating helps maximise reflection and minimise artefacts. The coating uses microscopic glass beads which are distributed in an insulating polymer and the quantity of beads has been precisely calculated to ensure best possible reflection.

“We’ve now launched this product to the market and our sales teams are talking to customers within NHS Trusts and to private healthcare professionals about its visibility benefits. We’re expecting it to be of great interest to those working within regional anaesthesia for it will make, quite literally, a visible difference to their work.”

Echoplex+ features removable extension tubing, an ergonomic transparent hub, and centimetre markings on the needle shaft.

Also newly available from Vygon is the Visioplex needle that’s designed for clinicians who prefer ultrasound to other forms of nerve location. It is also ideal for use in procedures for which stimulation techniques are inappropriate.

Like Echoplex+, Visioplex is highly echogenic right to the tip, meaning clinicians can place the anaesthetic solution with maximum accuracy. It has a sand-blasted needle tip which provides optimum balance of penetration, feel and needle tip visibility for maximum accuracy. It shares the Echoplex+ features of removable extension tubing, centimetre markings and ergonomic transparent hub.

To complement the nerve blocks range Vygon can offer you the VYSET custom pack service. A VYSET custom pack allows you to create a high quality pack to match your local protocol, incorporating all the items you need for a procedure. Components can include ultrasound probe covers and gel, transparent peelable drapes, and your choice of swabs and syringes.

For more details contact vygon@vygon.co.uk or call our Customer Service Team on 01793 748800 for more information. See our full range of healthcare products at www.vygon.co.uk

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