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Protect-A-Line IV Extension Lines 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 15-January-2014 
Protect-A-Line IV Extension Lines

The recent change in the anti-syphon valves of the Vygon Protect-A-Line range marginally increased the mean resistance of these valves, but the Protect-A-Line range remains on a par with most other protected lines on the market.

The opening pressure of the new anti-syphon valve varies from 210 millibar (approximately 158mmHg) to 290 millibar (approximately 218 mmHg), whereas the earlier version, the 0832.xxR range, had an average opening pressure of 155mmHg (approximately 207 millibar). This places the Protect-A-Line range on a par with most other protected lines on the market, whereas the average opening pressure of the earlier version was approximately 20% lower.

Please see our formal response for more information:

Protect-A-Line Formal Response Letter PDF

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