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Nautilus Roadshow Success for Vygon (UK) Ltd 

Posted by Vyg  on 12-July-2013 
Nautilus Roadshow Success for Vygon (UK) Ltd

Vygon (UK) Ltd ran a series of Nautilus Roadshows at the beginning of June in London, Birmingham and Manchester. We have had some great customer feedback and we were fortunate to have three expert speakers.

Mauro Pittiruti (Catholic University, Rome, Italy) gave an overview of the technology and the research behind Nautilus, and shared his vast experience with this technique. Gemma Oliver (Matron for Vascular Access and Hospital at Home, East Kent Hospitals NHS Trust) and Elizabeth Simcock (Clinical Nurse Specialist, Central Venous Access, University College London Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust) then showed how Nautilus can be incorporated into PICC placement practice in hospitals in the UK. They have found that through the use of Nautilus ECG technology to perform real-time PICC tip positioning, they can eliminate the use of X-ray, enhance the patient journey, and save the hospital time and money.


In summary the Roadshows have helped establish that:

  • Through adopting a proper technique and using a proper ECG monitor, in well-trained hands intra-cavitary ECG (IC-ECG) is a safe, accurate and cost-effective method for verifying the position of the tip of any central VAD in the vast majority of patients.
  • IC-ECG will become the standard procedure for assessing tip position, much as ultrasound guidance has become the standard procedure for central venepuncture.
  • Post-procedural chest X-ray becomes unnecessary in most cases, when IC-ECG is coupled with ultrasound guidance.
  • Materials DO make the difference. A dedicated ECG monitor (Nautilus) and high quality connections increase the feasibility, accuracy and simplicity of the IC-ECG method.

Paul Allen, the Vygon Business Development Manager who ran the Roadshows, said “The best thing that I will take away from these events is that X-ray may not even be a Bronze standard let alone Gold when compared to ECG-guided tip location. We had already realised this but it was good to see the theory reinforced by experts in their field.”

In other news about Nautilus, following its launch in early 2013, Vygon has successfully introduced the system at a south coast NHS Trust.

Vygon is now working with their Vascular Access team to ensure that all users have been fully trained in the use of Nautilus.

A spokesperson for the Trust said “We’re really looking forward to using Nautilus during PICC placement. Although it’s a relatively new concept the benefits are clear. Nautilus is going to change the way we place PICCs, which will benefit both patients and staff. Best practice is evolving and Nautilus is leading the way.”

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