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VYSET® Custom Packs from Vygon (UK) Ltd Promote Best Practice 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 15-April-2013 
VYSET® Custom Packs from Vygon (UK) Ltd Promote Best Practice

Saving time and money as well as reducing set-up time and carbon footprint are all goals the NHS are under pressure to achieve. A VYSET custom pack from Vygon can help you accomplish these and promote best practice at the same time.

A VYSET custom pack allows you to create a high quality pack to match your local protocol incorporating all the items you need. This will help you reduce single line items held on the shelf and can reduce your set-up time for procedures.

As part of a VYSET custom pack a full sharps safety offering is available, helping you achieve EU Directive 2010/32/EU2 effective from 10th May 2013. Vygon offers a range of drapes to help you achieve maximum barrier precautions including our new peelable drape, and a wide choice of components including pre-filled saline syringes, VENE-K disposable tourniquet, ChloraPrep® and Bionector.


From concept to implementation Vygon will work with you to develop a pack to meet your individual needs, giving you peace of mind throughout manufacturing, sterilisation, warehousing, distribution, implementation and training.

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