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Chlorhexidine Allergy  

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 07-November-2012 
Chlorhexidine Allergy

A number of cases of anaphylaxis caused by a chlorhexidine allergy due to chlorhexidine impregnated catheters have been reported and the MHRA has issued a new alert to reaction to this issue.

A Trust has described four cases of anaphylaxis* caused by chlorhexidine over a 12 month period following insertion of a central venous catheter (CVC) impregnated with silver sulfadiazine and chlorhexidine (2012).

Three cases reported of anaphylaxis* to chlorhexidine in patients presenting for cardiac surgery. In each case anaphylaxis was precipitated by the insertion of a CVC impregnated with chlorhexidine acetate (2009).

The MHRA has reacted to a number of reports of anaphylactic reactions due to the use of products containing chlorhexidine.


Vygon's Solution

The Multicath Expert range of antimicrobial central venous catheters are chlorhexidine and silver sulfadiazine free. Multicath Expert catheters adopt a continous silver ion release mechanism (Agion technology) proven to be effective against the most common pathogens causing device-related infections.


* References available on request.

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