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Making Catheter Occlusion a Thing of the Past 

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 31-August-2012 
Making Catheter Occlusion a Thing of the Past

Bionector TKO is proven to reduce catheter occlusion by 96.8% which will help avoid delays in critical patient care, reduce unnecessary costs and help reduce the risk of infection.

Bionector TKO has been specifically designed to reduce catheter occlusion, and works by controlling the bi-directional flow of fluid, infusate and catheter tip blood reflux. Blood reflux is a key cause of catheter occlusion which can lead to the inability to withdraw blood or infuse medications. Bionector TKO is an easy to use, innovative product from Vygon (UK) Ltd, which is designed and proven to help greatly reduce catheter occlusions.

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