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Vygon introduces Value Life  

Posted by Vygon (UK) Ltd  on 01-August-2012 
Vygon introduces Value Life

Value Life has been introduced from Vygon France as a company statement, and has been added to our company logo. 

Value Life was chosen to reflect the following philosophies:

  • We Value Life through our care and respect for patients
  • We Value Life through our development of innovative Medical Devices and their impact in protecting and saving lives
  • We Value Life in the broad sense through our environmental commitment and our corporate social responsibility
  • We Value Life through providing our employees with a good working environment, our employment practices and careful selection of business partners
  • Also our customers/partners Value Life through their career choice so we are aligning our mission with theirs
  • Value Life is also a statement encouraging people to “Value Life”

Look out for this addition to our logo.

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